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Conditions of Use

Ⅰ. Liability for content, hyperlinks

We are liable in accordance with general laws for the content of our own pages. We have created the information contained on the Internet presence with care and we aim to constantly monitor it. However, we cannot guarantee the correctness, currency, completeness, and constant availability. Binding information, advice, recommendations, or explanations are only issued within the framework of individual communications. We reserve the right to change our Internet offering at any time, to add to it, to shorten it, or to remove it completely. We are not responsible for ensuring that our Internet offering is suitable for the user or for their purposes. Our offering contains links to websites belonging to third parties whereby we are not able to influence their content. We do not make this content our own in any way, shape, or form, and are not liable for such. The relevant provider of the page is responsible for the contents of the linked pages. We were unable to detect illegal content on the linked pages. We are not able to subsequently monitor the contents of linked pages at all times without a clear suspicion of a legal breach. Please notify us immediately if our links take you to pages with content you consider suspicious. Insofar as we are made known of legal breaches caused by the content of linked pages we will remove such links immediately. This explanation applies to all links incorporated on our pages.

Ⅱ. Technical notes

Data can become digitalized with errors. It is possible that variations in the representation of content may occur due to the use of various Internet browsers and unique software settings.

Ⅲ. Access area

Our Internet offering is intended for Egypt and created based on Egyptian law. Calling up our offering from regions outside Egypt is not intended by us. We take no responsibility for ensuring that our Internet offering is suitable, useable, or legally permitted for users from other countries.

Ⅳ. Copyright

Our Internet offering's design, structure, and contents are all protected by copyright, and we expressly reserve the right to take any necessary safeguards. If the action is prohibited by law, we must give our written consent before it can be duplicated, edited, distributed, or used in any other way. Unless specifically stated otherwise, downloads and copies of these pages are only intended for personal, not commercial, use. Only with our prior written consent may links to our Internet pages be set up, including deep links, inline links, or links in frame technology.

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