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Magical Flavors, 
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To offer quality products and a magical memory

Magical Flavors Gummy Bears

Market flexibility and product choices 

We strive and insure every brand under our name is at its best in every way possible. Entering a new market requires changes and adaptation, and that is one of our unique qualities, each one of our brands contains products in different sizes, shapes, flavors, and many more choices to fit any new market, in addition to our unique brand style, every product is recognizable from the first glance. 

About Us

About Us

Established in 2017, Magical Flavors for Food Industries is one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in Egypt, producing jelly gummies, marshmallows, and hard candies. Our candies are flavorful little pieces that will boost your happiness.

In 2022, we added a new marshmallow production line under the brand name "MARSHZONE" with a commitment to provide premium quality products that fulfill the needs of our clients and consumers.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, we always pay attention to every detail, starting from raw material sources, factory sanitization, and high-tech production lines. Our main objective is to provide premium-quality products to satisfy consumers' daily needs.

We also produce multi-vitamin gummies that contain our unique and mouthwatering flavors. In addition, all our products are halal and gluten-free.

Magical Flavors Gummy Pizza


Magical Flavors insures that every product is passed by multiple tests by our quality control team to guarantee every product is in its best quality in addition to our unique packaging and professional workers. 

Magical Flavors Gummy Berries


Assuring that every worker is in a good environment at our company is our number one priority when it comes to our workers, to guarantee there in there best shape and healthier than ever.

Magical Flavors Gummy Bones


Every product in our company is manufactured in certified facilities and by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and world wide recognized certificated like the FSSC 22000 and ISO certifications.  

Magical Flavors Gummy Worms


Our goal is to satisfy every consumer with our product and making sure every bite of our products is better than expectations and satisfying our clients' needs and requirements.

Made with Love!

We guarantee a magical experience in every bite of our products and the top quality imaginable. Our facilities are certified by the top manufacturing certifications in the world, like the ISO, FSSC, BRC, Halal Certification, and FDA, in addition to the Egyptian Ministry of Health certifications. 

BRC Certification
FSSC Certification
FDA Certification
ISO Certification
Magical Flavors Gummy Turtles

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T. +2 02 44892070

F. +202 44892071


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Magical Flavors Gummy Turtles
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Magical Flavors Gummy Cola
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Magical Flavors Gummy Butterfly
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Magical Flavors Gummy Bear
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Magical Flavors Gummy Dinosaur
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